About Me

Welcome to ‘My love affair with running’!

This is my place to share my passion of running, eating and living in Sydney.  I try to live a healthy balanced life which is fuelled by real food and real people.

Me, my mum and my best friend & sister, Amy

Me and the rents

My brother, Jonathan (ladies he is single 😉 ) me and my mum

My man, Josh and I 🙂

Altogether now… missing Jono ;(

Can not forget Thumper… the King of our household

So let me introduce myself.  My  name is Kelly and I am a 24 year old primary school teacher. I am blessed to share my life with a wonderful family, an amazing fiance (See his proposal!) and great friends.

I have run some races, learned a few lessons, travelled to some fabulous destinations and eaten some delicious food in my short few years of living and I hope I can share some of these adventures with you..

Thailand beaching…

Market hopping in Thailand

Trekking is Peru

My besty (Liv) and i tearing up Spain

Enjoy reading my blog! And please don’t be shy to leave a comment 🙂

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17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi,

    I’ve nominated you for a blogger award!

    Here are the rules for receiving the award: (1) thank the blogger who nominated you (2) include the links to their blogs, (3) include the award image in your post, (4) copy the award image to your site, (5) give seven random facts about yourself, (6) nominate 15 other bloggers for the award, (7) when nominating other bloggers include the links to their sites, and (7) let those bloggers know they’ve been nominated.

  2. Such an interesting and nice blog, I would love to read ur blog more often, because I do love to live with healthy life in Australia with some lovely friends, like you and your family.
    Keep contact, Kelly.

    Love, Gloria

  3. Hi Kelly! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I live in Canberra which is not that far away though Sydney has warmer weather, especially in winter! I look forward to reading future posts.
    Cathy 🙂

  4. I love your blog, Kelly! Very motivating and inspirational 🙂 I enjoy reading every post you put up so keep them coming!

  5. What an adorable blog, Kelly! I had the good fortune of studying abroad in Sydney for six months while in college—I must say your blog takes me back to those good memories.

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