I love food. I love wholesome, nutritious and delicious food. In my home we don’t ‘diet’.  We live by my mums motto that ‘everything is okay in moderation’.  Our fridge is for the most part, filled with fresh and colourful produce, which we buy in small quantities and often to ensure it is always crisp and we minimize wastage. Check out what is on our regular shopping list.

I love to learn about what I put into my body, so here begins a compilation of nutritional info, simple recipes and tips for eating and using some of my favourite foods.

Healthy Eating

Eating Well and Feeling Satisfied
Health Benefits of Oats
Smart snacking solutions
Carbohydrates – Low GI and High GI
Carman’s Wholegrain Goodness
Sneak in those Veggies!
5 General Healthy Living Tips

Breakfast Inspiration

Breakfast-In-Bed Ideas
Wholegrain Seed and Nut Loaf
Health Benefits of Oats
Chobani Yoghurt
Bondi Farmers Market
Armchair Collective Brunch
Homemade Muesli Recipe
Carman’s Wholegrain Goodness
Breakfast Bruschetta
Healthy Omelette
Banana Oats with Date compote and Rhubarb

Snacks, Lunch and Eating on-the-go

Smart snacking solutions
Antioxidant Booster Smoothie
Clean, Lean, Green Smoothie
Carman’s Wholegrain Goodness
Chicken and Avocado wrap
Pita bread Pizza
Yoghurt and berries
Quinoa Salad for packed lunches


How to Throw Together Dinner in 3 Easy Steps
Simple and Fresh Dinner
Healthy Spin on Mexican Burritos
Pad Thai
Delicious Thai Green Curry
Wholemeal Pizza
Vegetable Quiche
Whole salmon, roast vegetables and salad

My day of eating – What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday #1
What I Ate Wednesday #2
What I Ate Wednesday #3
What I Ate Wednesday #4
What I Ate Wednesday #5
What I Ate Wednesday #6
What I Ate Wednesday #7
What I Ate Wednesday #8

Fun Food Experiences

High Tea

Nothing more nutritious then fresh and colourful fruit and vegetables

Salad – I can’t get enough…

Greek Salad and Seeded Bread Loaf

Simple Breakfast- Eggs and Avocado, Spinach and Tomato Salad

*Please note that I am not a qualified nutritionist by any means. 


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