Try and Share

One of my favourite things to do is try new, healthy products to incorporate into my daily diet. Here are some of the products I have recently tried and would love to share with you.

Rose-Hip Vital Products – Benefits are endless! Helps with joint mobility, anti-aging, potent anti-oxident, hydrating  and 100% pure, natural and Australian Certified Organic. Love!

Chobani yoghurt –
 This yoghurt is deliciously thick and creamy.
Click on the link to see what I thought about it!

Carman’s   – These products are full of wholegrain goodness and made with good quality, wholesome ingredients.

Honey Roasted Nut Muesli and Porridge

Muesli Bars! 

The flavours include:

-Darc Choc Blueberry & Almond Bar
-Classic Fruit Muesli Bar
-Yoghurt Apricot & Almond Bar
-Deluxe Gluten Free Muesli Bar
-Apricot & Almond Muesli Bar

Do you have a product you would like me try ‘Try and Share’?

Please let me know by using the ‘Contact Me’ page.


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