Chobani yoghurt delivery!

Monday rolls around so quickly, doesn’t it?

It was so nice coming home from school today to find a parcel for me on my door step 🙂

Chobani sent me some fabulous things to ‘try and share’ on my new page.

It didn’t take me long to crack one open.. Especially after reading that Chobani:

🙂 Is made with only natural ingredients (LOVE this)
🙂 Is packed with protein
🙂 Contains probiotics and live and active cultures – yay!
🙂 And for those concerned, I might add that it is also low in lactose, gluten-free and Kosher certified.

= Perfect post school snack and pre-work out fuel!

I tried the peach flavour. It was deliciously thick and creamy considering it is completely fat free.  It was a filling serving and dosed me up on my protein and calcium for the day.  The bottom of the tub contains some sweet fruit pieces.. I am glad I didn’t mix it altogether as I preferred the yoghurt by itself!

I usually snack on fruit during the day, so adding yoghurt to the mix is probably a good idea considering it is packed with protein which supports growth, maintains muscle mass and keeps hunger at bay.

Thanks Chobani! I am looking forward to trying your different flavours.

Have you tried Chobani yoghurt? If so, what is your favourite flavour?


Weekend Breakfast-in-Bed Ideas

Happy Friday!

Today is officially the first day of Winter for us here is Australia.  To ‘celebrate’ we did some Winter art…


One of my favourite things to do on Winter weekend mornings, is to make Josh and I breakfast in bed.

It certainly doesn’t need to be complicated to put together a delicious, simple and fresh breakfast to take away the chill.
Here are some ideas:

  • Microwaved egg on toast, with a side salad.  Simply place an egg in a glass bowl or cup and cover with cling wrap. Microwave on medium power for approx 30 seconds. Rock salt and cracked pepper are a great finishing touch.
  • Muesli, Yogurt and Fruit.  Simple and always delicious! I use the natural Jalna yoghurt, and add a squeeze of honey for some extra sweetness!
  • Oats.  Especially for chilly Winter mornings
  • Toast topped with your favourite topping. My FAVOURITE is peanut butter, honey and banana. It is a must try!
  • TEA (that’s a given ofcourse). Nothing more needs to be said 🙂

What is your favourite breakfast to have in bed?