Graduation Day!

I am officially a graduate!

I awoke on Friday morning to a lovely arrangement on the kitchen counter. I was spoilt with flowers and jewellery by my lovely family!


I adore these bracelets my sister got me, always so thoughtful she is!


And a gift arrived at the door from Josh who wasn’t able to be there

Graduating was very special! I loved getting dressed up in the gown and hat!


Liv dropped by for a pic and brought me the beautiful flowers 🙂 Thanks lovey!It was a great day capped off by a lovely night. Josh’s family came over for a celebratory dinner. I love spending time with his family so always great when we can all be together!

Thanks fam and friends for all your support over the years! Love you all lots.







What I Ate Wednesday #2 – Food, Fitness and Fun!

Thanks again to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting WIAW, a great blogging initiative to share ideas on food, fitness and fun!

My day began bright and early with a chilly, but sunny breakfast on the balcony.  On the menu was my special oats with banana, peanut butter and honey. Rich and satisfying. Always hits the spot.

Next I was off to the podiatrist for orthotic scans. Apparently, I am extremely flat footed and the fact I don’t suffer from sever foot pains is a mystery..  Have you ever worn orthotics? Have they helped you?

My commute to work was very pleasant. Blue sky and just-rained-on greenery.  My best.

Early to work again! I enjoyed a coffee while I watched the passing traffic.

Lunch was a toasted tuna and salad sandwich on multigrain bread, with an English breakfast tea.

Afternoon snack @ home… banana smothered in crunchy peanut butter. Perfect combo!

Afternoon tea with my aunty Norma. I love spending time with Norms and what I may even love more is her beautiful tray 🙂

Next on the agenda was Body Step. I hadn’t done this class in ages.  The coordination element to it really challenges me, but our instructor Leisl was great as usual. I always enjoy her classes when I get a chance to go to them.

Here Anna (who happens to be one of my awesome Body Attack instructors) and I pose oblivious to the chaos surrounding us… in the same shoes of course 😉

After gym I popped by Liv who greeted me with THE most delicious homemade orange juice.

And soon after we headed off to dinner @ Tenka, a Japanese restaurant in our hood.  I had the Udon noodles with salmon and vegetables.  Was yum, but I prefer the Udon noodle soup. There is always next time!

What a full and busy day. Just how I like it. Not long until school holidays are over and life returns to being more structured…

On another note, for those Sydney siders interested I have just released my Breast Cancer social walk/run and breakfast next month and here is YOUR personal invite.

Grab a few friends, RSVP by commenting on the blog or Contact Me page and come along! All fitness levels and ages welcome! It is for a great cause and a great excuse to get outdoors and enjoy good company, a sponsored breakfast and fresh air.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

What food has fuelled your Wednesday? and…
How have you been active today?  


Dedication to tea-time

Tea is an essential part of my life. It is something that instantly warms me up, cheers me up and comforts me. I love to enjoy a cuppa at breakfast, at morning tea, at lunchtime, at afternoon tea, before dinner, after dinnner, before bed and then… the cycle begins again.



Everyone I know well, likes their tea made in a certain way.  For my dad, it is best served in a thin (preferablly China tea cup), for my mom (who gets her first cup in the morning taken to her in bed by the first person up) likes hers extra strong so milk is delivered in a small a jug on the side, Josh likes his with a sugar, Danna likes it black with a sweetner, Liv’s mum likes it in a pot with full cream milk,  my gran and aunty norms like theirs with 2 sweetener and my late grandfather liked his, until his very last days, with 3 heaped teaspoons of sugar.

Tea is a part of every birthday..

21st Birthday present from Josh 🙂

My Mum’s 50th Birthday smashcake

And accompanies the writing of every blog entry

Early morning blogging

I even incorporate tea bags into my beach paintings..

Hint: What are the houses made of??

Liv and I even purchased a kettle in Barcelona, which we lugged around to every hostel for the duration of out trip around Spain. Now that is what you call tea dedication.

So, to tea, thanks for making everyday that much more TEA-riffic 🙂

I am guessing my obsession with tea is not that mainstream- so, If it’s not tea, what is your *special* drink?


Easy ways to get moving (without having too try too hard!)

I am a big fan of incorporating as much physical activity into my day as possible.  I am all for taking the stairs over the lift; or getting out and dirty by doing the gardening on a nice sunny day.

This type of exercise is known as incidental exercise – or as I like to think of  it, ‘exercise without feeling as though you are exercising’.  It is a great way to keep yourself moving and active throughout the day, without scheduling in a workout, or even having changing into workout gear 🙂

Here are some easy ways to do it!

– Find ways in the workplace to keep active.  Whether it is doing the coffee runs, offering to run errands, participating in sport lessons (that’s if you are a teacher) or simply just finding a cafe or park that is that little bit further away to enjoy your lunch break.

Nothing beats lunch in the park, especially if you have had to walk a little more than usual to get there.

– Change the way you view house work, gardening or even just taking the bins out! Turn it into an opportunity to get your butt moving and your arms working.  It always helps if there is good music to accompany this 🙂

– Take the stress out of finding the closest parking space and park a bit further away than normal. Not only will you get a sneaky walk in, but your stress bank will thank you for it.

 – Spend quality time with your family and friends by doing something active and fun together. Whether it is rock climbing, bush walking, getting out in the garden, kicking a ball, throwing a frisbee or skipping a date over coffee to enjoy a chilled out-pilates session (thanks Liv 🙂 )… the options are endless and not only will it bring you closer together; it will benefit your health and fitness too.

A stroll wherever you are in the world is a good way multi-task -to keep moving and spend time with the people your love

And last but not least… Dance your little hearts out. Dancing a great workout and a good way to balance out those few extra drinks 😉

Happy moving peeps!

What is your best way to exercise without feeling as though you are exercising?

*Please note, I am not a personal trainer or a dietician. My blog is based on my own research and my own personal experiences.