Why I fell in love with running

People are often intrigued by the fact that I actually, for the most part, enjoy running.

Here are some of the reasons I love it so much

1)  ‘Running is cheaper than therapy’ –  running gives you the opportunity to unwind, relax and think things through in your head.

2) It gets the blood circulating and the heart racing – it is an instant mood enhancer!

3) It gets me outdoors.  I love nature, and I love being out in the fresh air.  Whether I run around my local neighbourhood or along the coastline @ any of the beautiful Sydney beaches – I am always inspired by my surroundings.

4) Music. Ballads. Feel good songs.  Singing like noone is listening (except the awkward encounter with the walker who doesn’t have earplugs in).

5) It keeps me feeling fit and healthy. And don’t we all like to feel that way?

What do you do that makes you feel good?