Jumping back on the ‘healthy’ bandwagon

One of my favourite things about visiting Thailand was enjoying the fresh, vegetable-rich and delicious Thai cuisine.

Josh and I took a cooking class, and a while ago I shared the Thai Green Curry recipe which we both absolutely loved.

So after a weekend of rather indulgent eating and drinking (here is a taste-test)…

I was delighted to come home this Sunday night to one of my favourite home made Thai meals, thanks mum 🙂

Pad Thai


-3 Eggs (can use tofu, meat or chicken instead)
-1 Red/Green capsicum
-Shallots (spring onion)
-Thai egg noodles
-Pad Thai sauce
-Chopped peanuts to serve
-Bean sprouts

-To prepare, chop vegetables and soak egg noodles for 5 minutes (or according to pack instructions)
-Fry eggs in a large wok and set aside
-Stir fry capsicum and mushrooms
-Add Pad Thai sauce to vegetables, then add noodles
-To serve, place noodles and vegetables in a large dish, topped with egg, shallots and bean sprouts
-Place nuts, lemon wedges and extra shallots on the side and add generously to enjoy!

Best part about it? Packed lunch for tomorrow! (Half Pad Thai, half spinach and capsicum salad)

Perfect Sunday night cap 🙂

What delicious meals have your eaten this weekend?

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What’s on my shopping list?

I am a creature of habit.  In my home out shopping list doesn’t change too often. The bulk of what we buy is fresh and seasonal. Our number one priority is Eating Well and Feeling Satisfied!  Here is a list of what we always have in our fridge, freezer and pantry and most the recipes I post on my blog contain these items.

Check out my Food for Fuel page for some more recipe ideas and healthy eating tips. 

Fresh Fruit (usually go by what is in season)
-Pink Lady apples
-Berries (Check out Antioxidant Booster Smoothie)

-Baby spinach leaves
-Mixed lettuce leaves (usually pre washed pack for convenience factor)
-Peppers/capsicums – red, green, yellow
-Tomatoes (I like the baby tomatoes)
-Basil leaves
-Red onions
-Beetroot (tinned is easier, if you are patient fresh is SO much better!)
-Sweet potato
-Red chillies
-Corn on the cob (Easy to just pop in the microwave for dinner)

Dairy Items
-Cottage cheese
-Chobani yoghurt (Check out what Chobani Yoghurt sent me!)
-Feta cheese
-Ricotta (See delicious Breakfast Brushcetta!!)

-Salmon fillets (can buy in frozen section of supermarket or fresh! I like keeping the frozen ones in my freezer for a quick dinner option)
-Chicken – Breast or Thigh fillets
-Lean steak
-Oats (Health Benefits of Oats)
-Bills organic bread (multigrain or sourdough)
-Mountain bread (Perfect for wraps, check out Chicken and Avocado wrap)
-Brown rice (I like to keep the small single serve, ready made brown rice packs on hand)

Pantry Items
-Black Tea (My dedication to tea..!)
-Peppermint tea
-Peanut butter
-Almonds / pecans / walnuts (Perfect for making my healthy nut and seed loaf)
-Mixed nut packs (See my snacking tips)
-Olive oil
-Balsamic vinegar / white vinegar
-Fun size chocolates (perfect size for dipping in tea)
-Wholemeal flour
-Tomato paste
-Tuna tins (I love it in olive oil)
Happy shopping and cooking!

What are the top 3 ingredients you always have on hand??

Simple and well-balanced lunch idea

Need some inspiration for a quick, healthy and delicious lunch idea? Try this…

Chicken and Avocado Wrap 
It is so easy and only 4 ingredients! No mess and no fuss 🙂


*I used Wholewheat Mountain Bread which is always on hand in my freezer; it is nice and thin, but holds its shape well. It is perfect for wraps, lasagnes or even grilled (best with a brush of olive oil and a sprinkle of your favourite seasoning). Great for serving with soup or dips.

*I woud have added spinach leaves, rocket or kale, but we were all out. So if you have some greens on hand – throw them in.

-Mountain bread or wholemeal wrap
-Chicken breast (or substitute with tuna, meat or another protein of your choice)

-Leave mountain bread to defrost for a few minutes or place in microwave for 10 seconds
-Spread on avocado (keep a bit of room on top and bottom)
-Slice chicken breast and pickles nice and thin
-Place on wrap and then roll in the outsides to bring it all together
-Place in sandwhich press and leave until mountain bread is nice and golden.

Back to studying for me. Final Psychology exam (ever!) on Thursday 🙂

Happy Saturday!

What are you having for lunch?