Sunday Run-day Success

What a beautiful day we had today! My Breast Cancer fun run and breakfast was a truly amazing success.

The shocking statistic reads that Breast Cancer creeps into the lives of 1 in 8 women.. and all of us who participated today has either been through, is going through or knew of someone who has endured the hardships of this horrible disease.

So today we got out, ran, ate and supported a highly worthwhile cause!

Snaps I love from today…

After our walk/run/jog/sprint we met on  Bondi beach for a delicious breakfast. Thanks to my mom, dad and Josh for doing all the preparation whilst we were doing what we do best ;). Everything looked beautiful!

We had a spread sponsored by Lowan, Carman’s and Chobani, and I think the photos tell all… everything was a hit 🙂 Check out their websites for great recipe, nutritional and diet advice!

We picnicked on the grass, soaked up the sunlight and enjoyed good company and yummy food.

My special grandparents made an appearance, and LOVED their breaky :).

Whilst others just enjoyed the sunshine…

Thank you to everyone who made the day so great!

I am proud to say that we raised over $700 for such a worthy cause and I hope and pray that our contribution helps achieve the goal of zero from breast cancer deaths by 2030.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

If you would still like to make a contribution, you can do so online by clicking here.

Until next time…. thank you and keep running 🙂


Health Benefits of Fun-Running

What a crazy and exciting few days it has been. Who would have thought that organising a run and breakfast on the beach for Breast Cancer would have been so

1. fun

2. chaotic

3. So fricken exciting!

Deliveries from my three amazing sponsors, Chobani, Lowan and Carman’s who have been so generous and delightful to work with, all arrived by 4:59pm Friday afternoon. Phew!

And then I sat back, relaxed and waited for the Saturday morning frantic rush to begin.

So, friends just for an extra burst of motivation for tomorrow, or for your next run I thought I would share my thoughts on Why I run for fun..

1) Running is a great mood enhancer and decreases my stress levels. Even if you are just feeling a bit ‘blah’, getting outdoors, listening to music and maintaining a steady pace, clears the mind and rejuvenates your mood.

2) Running keeps me feeling fit and healthy. The research is out there, running regularly can help with overall short and longterm health.  It is old news that running can improve your immune function, assist with the physical conditioning of both your heart and lungs and help with weight management.

3) Running is YOUR time! I love running alone or with company, with music or without, inside or (preferably) outside. Running is my time, to set goals and work towards achieving them.  This process has built up my self esteem and given me the confidence to challenge myself physically and mentally.

So, get on board. Running is the cheapest form of exercise. You don’t need much to get outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and reap the benefits!

If you are a Sydney-sider, please come along and join us tomorrow. We are running for Breast Cancer and hope that our contribution will assist is finding a cure in the coming years.

If you can’t join us, grab some friends, get running and feel free to make a contribution on the donation site I have set up.

Happy Saturday!

What is your favourite thing about running? Or your preferred form of exercise??

For more posts on running motivation, check out my Running and Cross Training page!




Come on Girls, let’s run for Breast Cancer!

Getting outdoors and being active is a great way to reenergise your spirit, meet and mingle with new and old friends and enjoy what nature has to offer us…

So Sydney siders, I am holding a social run and breakfast!

I emphasise ‘social’ as you don’t have to be a runner to get involved! Walk, Jog or even just join us for breakfast 🙂 It is all in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation who are working towards achieving their goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030!

I need to confirm numbers by July 20th. If you know of friends, family or work colleagues who would be interested in getting involved please pass the link on to them by ‘sharing it’ through the link below on Facebook or Twitter.

Please RSVP either on the ‘Contact Me’ page above or by commenting on this blog post.

Come on girls, let’s get as many people as possible to unite in celebrating our health, wellbeing and fitness all in the spirit of a very worthy cause!

Please visit the Fundraising page to make your small donation and reserve your spot 🙂

Chobani yoghurt delivery!

Monday rolls around so quickly, doesn’t it?

It was so nice coming home from school today to find a parcel for me on my door step 🙂

Chobani sent me some fabulous things to ‘try and share’ on my new page.

It didn’t take me long to crack one open.. Especially after reading that Chobani:

🙂 Is made with only natural ingredients (LOVE this)
🙂 Is packed with protein
🙂 Contains probiotics and live and active cultures – yay!
🙂 And for those concerned, I might add that it is also low in lactose, gluten-free and Kosher certified.

= Perfect post school snack and pre-work out fuel!

I tried the peach flavour. It was deliciously thick and creamy considering it is completely fat free.  It was a filling serving and dosed me up on my protein and calcium for the day.  The bottom of the tub contains some sweet fruit pieces.. I am glad I didn’t mix it altogether as I preferred the yoghurt by itself!

I usually snack on fruit during the day, so adding yoghurt to the mix is probably a good idea considering it is packed with protein which supports growth, maintains muscle mass and keeps hunger at bay.

Thanks Chobani! I am looking forward to trying your different flavours.

Have you tried Chobani yoghurt? If so, what is your favourite flavour?