Modified and Veggie-fied Omelettes

Had such a fun day exploring a Balmain today!
We headed out for a late breakfast to celebrate our friends birthday at Kazbah, a Middle Eastern/North African restaurant situated in Balmain- a really cool suburb with great restaurants and interesting shops.

I could not pass up the banana porridge with date compote and stewed rhubarb. It was delicious. I loved the date compote.. Made it a bit more special than the banana oats I have daily at home 😉

After breakfast, we walked around the area and then drove around the neighbouring suburbs ‘sight seeing’ (even though it is just a short drive away from where we live) lol. New areas are always fun to explore!

Later this afternoon I headed to a Body Attack class. Felt good to be back after my 2 week blister-break. Dan took the class, which is always high energy and heaps of fun!

I came home and we made dinner – This recipe comes from my mum’s friend, Julie – thanks for sharing 😀

Modified and Veggie-fied Omelettes 

-Eggs (we used 3 per person, 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites)
-Cottage cheese (feta or mozzarella would work too)
-Olive oil, salt and pepper

1) Cut up veggies.
2) Prepare omelette mix. 1 whole egg + 2 egg whites per person. Add a splash of milk, water, salt and pepper and stir. Turn on grill for later.

3) Fry up veggies in a pan, with a little bit of olive oil.

4) Put cooked veggies aside. Grease the pan with a bit of oil, pour omelette mixture into the pan and allow to cook for about 1-2 minutes, until ends can be lifted. Take off heat.

5) Whilst still in pan, add veggie mix and cheese then place under the grill for 1-2 minutes to continue the cooking process.

6) Remove from grill, lift, fold over and plate up.

7) Eat and enjoy!!

*Please note: A good Sunday night dinner can help ease the Sunday night blues.. so do give this a try!

What is your favourite Sunday night meal?
and Have you ever felt like a tourist in your own city??

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say 🙂


Things I am Loving

Wraps for lunch. Perfect mix of protein, healthy fat, carbs and veggies

Tea maths.  Mint leaves + black tea =Na’na Tea.

My dad came home with some fresh herbs for our kitchen, including two different types of mint. If you haven’t tried this tea combo, get onto it! So soothing, refreshing and uplifting, perfect after dinner tea. I am totally obsessed with tea.. for more deets here is my dedication to tea-time post 🙂

My new jeans. Best part about them? $15 bargain.

Farewell Bondi-for-now-breakfast. Josh and his housemates are moving out of their Bondi unit. For sentimental purposes, we woke up bright and early before work on Friday to enjoy our last opportunity to go for breakfast. Conversation snap: “Why didn’t we do this more often?” It was a beautiful way to start the day.

Try it!  Set your alarm 45 minutes earlier and enjoy a relaxed breakfast before work. Sound good, but not a morning person? Check out my Tips on how to make your mornings better!

Walk in the fresh air. This week I have been out of running action, letting my blister (check out the pic) heal. I have used this time to increase my incidental exercise, by enjoying more spontaneous walks and parking my car just that little bit further 😉

Finally, I am LOVING that it is Saturday!!

Happy Saturday friends, what are you loving today?

Sunday Run-day Success

What a beautiful day we had today! My Breast Cancer fun run and breakfast was a truly amazing success.

The shocking statistic reads that Breast Cancer creeps into the lives of 1 in 8 women.. and all of us who participated today has either been through, is going through or knew of someone who has endured the hardships of this horrible disease.

So today we got out, ran, ate and supported a highly worthwhile cause!

Snaps I love from today…

After our walk/run/jog/sprint we met on  Bondi beach for a delicious breakfast. Thanks to my mom, dad and Josh for doing all the preparation whilst we were doing what we do best ;). Everything looked beautiful!

We had a spread sponsored by Lowan, Carman’s and Chobani, and I think the photos tell all… everything was a hit 🙂 Check out their websites for great recipe, nutritional and diet advice!

We picnicked on the grass, soaked up the sunlight and enjoyed good company and yummy food.

My special grandparents made an appearance, and LOVED their breaky :).

Whilst others just enjoyed the sunshine…

Thank you to everyone who made the day so great!

I am proud to say that we raised over $700 for such a worthy cause and I hope and pray that our contribution helps achieve the goal of zero from breast cancer deaths by 2030.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

If you would still like to make a contribution, you can do so online by clicking here.

Until next time…. thank you and keep running 🙂

My kind of Summer

Would love the theme of ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ to be relevant to me here in Sydney…
Peas and Crayons

But it is not. However, since today was a beautiful sunny Winter Wednesday my pics may just fool you into thinking it was Summer..

Breakfast in the sun; an egg on toast with some spinach, tomato and mushroom on the side. I did the veggies in a pan with a touch of olive oil spray and some cracked black pepper. Check out how I made my egg in the microwave.. completely fuss free!

I had the day off work today, so spent it with my sister who has just returned from her travels. We decided to have a relaxing day at home, then took a nice brisk 3 km walk to get lunch.

Lunch was enjoyed at our favourite sushi joint, Tenka. I had my normal tuna and avocado roll (With ginger, wasabi and soy sauce on the side).

We picked up some delicious dried mango from the fruit shop to energise our walk back home. Can not get enough of this stuff! Would have preferred fresh, but at $5 a mango, I’ll settle for this!

Dinner was salmon, greek salad and roast veggies.  Standard, once-a-week fish dinner, and always a hit at my house!

Deliciously sweet oranges and bananas, peppermint tea and Olympics on the couch to finish off the evening..

Bliss 🙂

Have you been watching the Olympics?

Whats a once-a-week standard dinner @ your place?

Thanks Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting WIAW… Can’t wait to check out what everyone else has enjoy today!

Check out some of these dinner ideas:
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Wholemeal Pizza

The Highs and the Lows of Carbs

I am definitely a carbs loving girl 🙂 Running, exercising and eating carbs are all part of the same family in my eyes.

But not all carbs are graded equally. For the most part, I try to make the right decisions when choosing my grains to ensure the carbs that make up the bulk of my diet are low GI (body-friendly).

Without getting too technical, the glycemic index (GI) ranks carbohydrates depending on how they effect blood glucose levels. When eating a lower GI food, the rise in the blood glucose levels is alot slower than when eating a high GI food. Lower GI foods take longer to digest and have benefits for weight control because they help control appetite and delay hunger. Check out the Glycemic Index website for some more great info.

My Favourite Low GI foods (Click on the links for more info and recipes!):

-Oats (Health Benefits of Oats)
-Muesli (Homemade Muesli recipe)
Multi grain, wholegrain and sourdough bread (Check my Homemade Bread Loaf recipe! Beware that every bread is made differently and there is no real standardised labelling of bread so it is important to check the specific brand of bread you eat, a GI under 55 is considered to be low)

-Fruits and Vegetables (getting more technical, GI levels of different fruits and veggies differ, check out this ‘GI Diet’ website for a more specific breakdown)


So do your research on your carbs, and do choose wisely. Let them fuel your body and keep your blood-sugar levels at bay.

What carbs do you include in your daily diet?

*Please note I am not a dietician, the information provided on my blog is based on my own research from reputable and cited websites and my own experiences!

What I ate Wednesday #3

My day began with a hearty bowl of Carman’s Honey Roasted Nut oats, with banana and topped with some of the Carman’s muesli.. all which I received in my wonderful package yesterday 🙂

My verdict on the oats? Very yum, nicely textured but no need to add honey as it is very sweet already, almost too sweet for my liking.  The muesli was delicious! Nice and crunchy. It does give my homemade muesli a run for its money 😉

I got a call for teaching today, so a packed lunch was on the agenda.

Recess was delicious and sweet!

For lunch, I toasted my bread and topped it with avo, tuna and basil leaves. Not a great photo as it can be a bit awkward snapping away at your food in a staff room but it was SO good. Basil really gives an average meal an exciting edge.

I then met my lovely friend Gloria for a good catch up session.  My sister and I met Gloria at the gym a couple of years ago and she has become a very special friend, who I just love spending time with!

We went to Oliver Brown, which is known for their chocolate and they did not disappoint.  I had a mint hot chocolate which was very yum.

Thanks Gloria for a lovely afternoon 🙂

For dinner, I made a quick stir fry topped with a fried egg, for a protein hit.  I was lazy and bought the ready prepared Chinese stir fry mix from the fresh section of the supermarket. I tossed in in a hot pan with a bit of oil, added some sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce. So simple and very tasty.

Check out my tips for making Quick, Healthy and Delicious dinners in 3 easy steps!

As for exercise… does playground duty and walking around the shopping centre count? Rest day for me today 😉

Thanks again to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting WIAW – love meeting new bloggers every Wednesday!

Well that is all from me today, but before you take your next step into cyber space do share your thoughts with me…

What is your favourite lazy dinner meal?

Soul in a Box

It is always exciting arriving home to find an inviting package with my name on it at the front door :). Carman’s sent me an assortment of yummy things to ‘Try and Share’.

First up they sent their Honey and Roasted Nut Muesli Clusters… they are low GI, fruit free and full of healthy wholegrains. You know how much I love my muesli, so can’t wait to give this a try! I also see that as with many of their products, it is Kosher, Halal and 100% Australian made and owned.

They also sent their Honey and Roasted Nut Porridge Sachets. I have never really branched out of my plain, traditional oats so I’m excited to give these a go. They contain all the goodness that I would expect from my oats, check out the Health Benefits of Oats  if you need convincing 🙂 . The sachets are well portion controlled and perfect for me to slip into my bag for a 90 second breakfast on the go.

Next up, from my memory, is what Carman’s has always been famous for- their muesli bars! I can NOT wait to give some of these new flavours a try.

The flavours include:

-Darc Choc Blueberry & Almond Bar
-Classic Fruit Muesli Bar
-Yoghurt Apricot & Almond Bar
-Deluxe Gluten Free Muesli Bar
-Apricot & Almond Muesli Bar

What I love about them without even having tried most of the flavours is that I can read the ingredient list with ease.  There are no weird, scientific-sounding ingredients. Everything is natural, and a ‘delicious labour of love’.

So Carman’s, thankyou! I can not wait to munch right into these products to fuel my next workout, of course 🙂

What is your favourite pre-workout snack?? 

For some more great reading, check out Carman’s Nutritional Blog, written by their resident dietician Jemma. There is an interesting article on the link between stress and weight gain..