Travel Blogging and Random Tips

So friends, 3 more sleeps until our 3 months South America adventure begins!

We are planning on using my blog as our travel diary. I hope it will be a vehicle for us to share our journey with family, friends (yes, that includes you!). We will update it as often as possible, complete with photos of our travel adventures, travel tips and stories and of course, keeping with the theme, snippets of our food and fitness escapades.  I am hoping Josh will do a few posts along the way to add a bit of a different flavour ;).

This week I have been on teaching break so I have had countless trips to the shops, sussing out every adventure-travel store. I am totally obsessed with all the ‘cool’ gear. My mom and I had lots of fun trying on every nerd-friendly trekking accessory possibly… I sent Josh a text asking if he’d like a matching hat 😛 Lol.

Here are some Random Tips for Travel Preparation

-Gather as much information as possible from different sources (travel blogs, friends, colleagues, travel books) but take advice with a grain of salt! Josh and I both love the idea of traveling to the unknown.  We have tried not to look at too many photos in order to make the experience ours. We have received amazing travel tips from friends who have been to the area and are so very grateful for all the helpful tips. Thanks guys, you always have our backs 😉

-Set a budget. Traveling for extended periods of time require careful budgeting. Not hard when your travel partner is an accountant ;). Make sure you and your travel companions are on the same page about how you want to spend your money. Be clear about what you both want. I.e. One thing I will not compromise on for this trip is room type. I am happy to stay at hostels but I want our own room and where possible our own bathroom!

-Open up an account with a bank that has reasonable (or non-existant) international ATM withdrawal fees. This is Josh’s department, and he definitely did his research. It is the worst getting charged copious amounts of $$ for withdrawing money.

-Never underestimate how much the actual preparation for a backpacking trip costs. From vaccinations, special location-specific medications like maleria and cholera, essential travel gear like hiking boots, a good jacket, thermals and for the girls, all the toiletries that you practically never use at home but you ‘just might need’ while you are away i.e. expensive de-frizzing hair product ?

-Decide on Electronics to take with and prepare them for their journey accordingly. Since we will be taking lots of bus trips, traveling on budget airlines (hello 14 hour flight with no entertainment), Josh has loaded his iPad with movies.  This kind of thing takes a bit of organisation so try not to leave it to the night before! Also, remember to bring a dual earphone connector (thanks Bortz 🙂 )

What is your best travel tip? Any tips for packing a back pack? I had my first attempt today…

Looking forward to hearing your tips. P.S. I have created a travel page-  Check it out and feel free to leave us a comment 🙂

As for now, I am off to farewell dinner and drinks with close friends and family.

Happy Saturday!

20 thoughts on “Travel Blogging and Random Tips

  1. Ooh you’re going to have a fabulous time, and your excitement is rubbing off on me!
    I remember when I backpacked through India I had the contents of my pack sorted into plastic bags – clean, dirty, toiletries, shoes, unseasonal stuff, etc, and it worked really well.
    The old rule “don’t take too much” is true! Remember you can still buy stuff over there if necessary. My friend sent a lot of stuff home from Bombay because she decided she didn’t need it.
    Most of all – enjoy the moment while it lasts, and enjoy the memories for a lifetime – you will!

  2. Have a fantastic time! Good luck with the rest of your packing! Thanks for the tips, they should become useful one day when I do a backpacking trip of my own. 🙂

  3. Kelly, this is so exciting! It sounds like you and Josh did your research, so you’re totally prepared. From studying abroad for three months, I learned to expect the unexpected and try to be as flexible as possible. (Which is easier said than done, especially for a type-A like me. ;)) Have a safe trip–can’t wait to start reading all about it! 🙂

  4. How exciting!! Tip – have multiple ways to access money if possible and don’t carry them together. Depending on how remote you are going some places do not have ATMs and some will only accept VISA not MasterCard and vice versa. Also if possible have a credit card with a large limit (that you don’t use) in case of a medical emergency. Sounds crazy but my bro nearly tore his nose off surfing in Bali and had to have $10000 surgery to fix it then and there. It was all reclaimable on his insurance but if he didn’t have the card he woukd have a very different face today!
    All a bit preachy! Sorry! Have fun you’ll love it!!

  5. I am so excited for you!!! I cannot wait to read about all your adventures along the way.
    As far as travel prep tips, I am a huge list maker. I will make a million different lists way in advance and constantly update/revise them. 🙂

  6. I”m so excited for you two, and cannot wait to follow you on this next journey in your life! Y’all are going to have such a wonderful & awesome time!

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