South America Travels

Things have been a bit quiet on My Love Affair with Running of late, as life seems to be getting busier! I haven’t spoken much about my upcoming trip (3 weeks to go!) so I thought I would fill you in, all while wearing my new specs from Kito. 

Such an awesome range of glasses and sunglasses made in Italy. Their new range ‘Look at the brighter side of life‘ is amazing! Check it out by clicking on the pic below.

I chose this black frame but I honestly fell in love with their collection and could have easily walked away with the whole range. Thanks Kito, I am loving my new ‘accessory’ 🙂

So back to the trip.. Josh and I are off for 3 months to South America. We haven’t planned too much but our backpacks will be filled and ready for whatever adventures come our way! Can’t wait to travel with my partner in crime…

Even though after 3 months we might end up like this 🙂

We are super excited and trying to keep on top of work while squeezing in last minute Doctor appointments for our shots, Dentist appointments for that regular checkup etc and shopping for all the little things that take time i.e. pink hiking boots (which I found yesterday and fitted me and my orthotic like a glove;))


We are beginning our journey in Argentina and will be trekking our little hearts out so can NOT wait to get good value out of my boots 🙂

Any advice for adventuring our way through South America? 

Happy Wednesday, friends!



19 thoughts on “South America Travels

  1. Cute hiking boots! I’ve never been to South America, but I’d guess a lot of bug spray and sunscreen are necessary, right? Will you be able to blog while you’re there?

  2. I am so excited for you! There is nothing I love more than travelling with my fave partner in crime. And how I’d love to see South America! It’s definitely on my list to see before we have kids. I’ll take notes on best places from your travels!

  3. Have a great trip! Tip #1: Enjoy every minute!! Tip #2: Read Tip #1!! What an awesome adventure! I can’t wait to read all about it. Love your blog!!

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