Spring Running and Delicious Vegetable Quiche Recipe

Spring time in Sydney! It is just THE best waking up to the sun shining brightly through my blinds.I also has my first run of the season today..

It was a steady and very hilly 5km run, and what a bonus is was catching up with a good friend at the same time! Thanks Ar 🙂

Now for WIAW… Please note this is not everything I have eaten today! Just my packed lunch and dinner 😀 Thanks Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting this blogging partay.Peas and Crayons


School packed recess and lunch was yoghurt and frozen berries and left over quinoa salad, with cottage cheese and greens. My sister made a big batch of quinoa at the beginning of the week and have taken it for lunch everyday this week. So nice and easy!

Now for dinner.. I am going to share my mom’s vegetable quiche recipe and you have to try it! It is honestly amazing and so easy to adapt to suite what you have in your fridge and what your preferences are.

Vegetable Quiche
Doesn’t photograph very well.. but looked so hearty and delicious in person 😉

Ingredients (to serve 4)
2 onions
Mushrooms (Be very generous – once cooked they shrivel down to nothing)
2 zucchinis
2 bags baby spinach (once again, be generous!)
Bag of rocket
6 eggs
Cottage cheese (as much as desired, we used one small tub)
Olive oil, salt, pepper


1) Prep all vegetables. In a large pan, add some olive oil and chopped up onions. When onions have started browning, add mushrooms and zucchinis. Season with salt and pepper.

2) Add spinach and rocket

3) Remove from heat and drain out any water if necessary. In another bowl mix together 6 eggs. Mix with vegetable mixture and add cottage cheese.

4) In a greased oven-proof dish add mixture. And place in preheated 180 degree celcius oven (360 degree farenheit).

5) Serve with a crunchy Greek salad.

Enjoy making it and sharing it with loved ones!

Whats your favourite recipe you have learned from your Mom? and
What is your favourite season?

Happy Wednesday, friends!

18 thoughts on “Spring Running and Delicious Vegetable Quiche Recipe

  1. Your morning view is gorgeous, and the quiche looks delicious!
    I love my Mom’s Caesar salad dressing recipe and her Dad’s cookies. Sadly, Kelly doesn’t eat either now that he’s vegan. Speaking of that, I should try to veganize the cookies. They’re amazing!

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