Friendship and Tea go hand-in-hand

Today is a very special day… Happy birthday to my amazing friend, Olive 🙂

There is nothing I don’t love about my special friend!

I treasure the endless hours we spend together chatting, debating, analysing, relaxing, pilaty-ing, laughing, crying and partying.

After work I popped over to say happy birthday and of course enjoy some delicious birthday pastries with real tea the way Granny Hazel likes it 😉

But this tea party was just a rehearsal for what is to come next Sunday..

Eeek I am excited! Can’t wait for the birthday celebrations to continue on this weekend 😀

Besides birthday fever, today is also Wednesday which means only one thing in this blogging world

Peas and CrayonsBreaky was enjoyed in the sun, oats with chia seeds and honey.

Recess was an orange and lunch was a tuna salad and a banana.

After tea at Liv, I headed to gym for an amazing Body Pump class. I came home to a delicious wholemeal vegetarian pizza made by my mum. So good!

Now time to relax and unwind… Lemongrass tea, snacks and family time on the couch 😀

But just before we part, do you have any good books to recommend? I am totally over 50 shades for now.

Oh, and  on the topic of birthdays, what’s a special gift-experience you have given or received?

Happy Wednesday, friends!

26 thoughts on “Friendship and Tea go hand-in-hand

  1. That pizza looks delicious, I love assorted vegetables used on a pizza.
    Happy birthday to Olive – hope you girls enjoy the high tea!

  2. Holy cow, that veggie pizza looks super delicious! When I studied abroad in London, my friends took me to “birthday high tea” at the Orangery in Kensington Palace. I loved it, and I know you’ll have a great high tea experience as well. 🙂

  3. happy birthday, olive!! your mama’s homemade pizza looks divine.

    as for book suggestions… i am shamefully and completely in the throws of a passionate affair with young adult novels currently… and i would love to suggest divergent. ridiculous name, but i tore through it (and i’m a slow reader). i definitely get that YA novels aren’t for everyone. but they’re great for easy summer reads. 😉

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