Things I am Loving

Wraps for lunch. Perfect mix of protein, healthy fat, carbs and veggies

Tea maths.  Mint leaves + black tea =Na’na Tea.

My dad came home with some fresh herbs for our kitchen, including two different types of mint. If you haven’t tried this tea combo, get onto it! So soothing, refreshing and uplifting, perfect after dinner tea. I am totally obsessed with tea.. for more deets here is my dedication to tea-time post 🙂

My new jeans. Best part about them? $15 bargain.

Farewell Bondi-for-now-breakfast. Josh and his housemates are moving out of their Bondi unit. For sentimental purposes, we woke up bright and early before work on Friday to enjoy our last opportunity to go for breakfast. Conversation snap: “Why didn’t we do this more often?” It was a beautiful way to start the day.

Try it!  Set your alarm 45 minutes earlier and enjoy a relaxed breakfast before work. Sound good, but not a morning person? Check out my Tips on how to make your mornings better!

Walk in the fresh air. This week I have been out of running action, letting my blister (check out the pic) heal. I have used this time to increase my incidental exercise, by enjoying more spontaneous walks and parking my car just that little bit further 😉

Finally, I am LOVING that it is Saturday!!

Happy Saturday friends, what are you loving today?

35 thoughts on “Things I am Loving

  1. Saturdays are my FAVORITE day!! Today Me and some girlfriends went for a lovely walk, we grabbed a delicious lunch: grilled fish and treated ourselves to a bowl of hot chippies 🙂 then got a coffee. P.s. those jeans are so cute, nothing better then a good bargain 😉

  2. That wrap looks delicious! Wraps really do make the best summertime lunches :). On saturday I was loving my 13 mile run. Felt great the whole time!

  3. Hey! I love that picture of you, you’re shining 🙂 And that wrap looks delicious! I can’t really get wraps like those in stores here, but I need to make them myself some day… I’m just too lazy when it comes to wraps, know idea why :p

  4. That wrap look so good. What was in it did I miss that part? And the jeans are fab I’m so in love with the price too. Good bargains that look great alwaysake me feel very confident 😉. You’ve inspired me to endy days with tea again. Thanks

  5. Hey Kelly,

    Love your posts 🙂 Just wondering, what is the filling for the wrap? It looks delicious and I am always on the look out for yummy lunch recipes. Thank-you!


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