Quality Sister Time!

As Wednesday tradition has it, it is time for WIAW.. Thanks Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting this! I love sharing some of my days eats and sneaking a peak into how others fuel their active bodies! Great opportunity to get creative food ideas and new recipes 🙂

Peas and Crayons

My morning began with one of my breaky staples.. Multigrain sourdough toast with peanut butter, honey, banana and today I added chia seeds.  They add a nice textural element to the already amazing dish 😉
I did a bit of research on these chia seeds and found that they are sourced from South America, are high in fibre are are the highest known plant source of Omega-3. I don’t like getting caught up with fancy so called ‘super foods’ but since they were floating about my kitchen, their presence this morning was welcome 🙂

Recess was a deliciously juice green pear and lunch in the staffroom was a tuna salad with (unpictured) corn thins and avocado.

After school I headed to Josh’s granny for a happy birthday tea.  Josh’s gran is such a joyful, bubbly and fun lady and always brightens up the room she is in.  I hope one-day I will be as youthful in mind and spirit as she is!

I then spent the rest of the afternoon chilling out with my sister. Tea, fruit and our cliff walk was on the agenda.

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset!

And then came home and got ready for a sisterly date night, as we hadn’t spent enough of the afternoon together 😛

We decided to head to Misschu, a Vietnamese restaurant in Bondi.



We shared English spinach & tofu steamed dumplings


and egg omelet, avocado & balsamic caramelised onion fresh vietnamese rice paper rolls. So good!

We went back for a second serving of the dumplings.. delicious!

Have you ever eaten Vietnamese food? If so, what do you order??

Now couch and Olympics time 🙂 Tomorrow I will be doing a post on suggestions for pre-race fuelling.

But let’s get the ball rolling early… how do you fuel your body before your race?

Thanks Nasko for the post request 😀 Happy Wednesday, friends!


17 thoughts on “Quality Sister Time!

  1. That Vietnamese food looks awesome! I have had it once before (and I mostly eat ethnic food so that’s weird) and it was good. I specifically remember loving the dumpling soaked in their hot sauce!

    It it’s a long race (the past two I’ve done were a half marathon and a full marathon) I make very simple whole wheat pancakes topped with banana. If it’s shorter, probably just some toast or a banana with almond butter.

  2. I used to have a pre-race routine that could NOT be broken! I’d wake up and have a banana and water, then on the way to the race I’d have a Clif Z-bar. I’d only run 5ks, but I get nervous stomach so this routine worked perfectly!

  3. Peanut butter, honey and banana on toast is one of my all-time favorite food combinations. It’s so satisfying, and SO delicious. I’ve never tried adding chia seeds; I bet they supply a fun crunch. 😉

    I was a long distance runner during high school and college, and I’d always fuel with either a Luna Bar or a banana/PB/sandwich before races. My workouts have shifted over the years and are now more strength-focused (heavy lifting), so my pre-workout fuel looks quite a bit different! Bring on the egg whites. 😉

  4. Love sibling bonding dates 🙂 Glad you two were able to get out & get some time together! I fuel with either a slice of toast, 1/2 an english muffin, rice cake or graham cracker w/ some pb on top or some sort of bar.

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