My kind of Summer

Would love the theme of ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ to be relevant to me here in Sydney…
Peas and Crayons

But it is not. However, since today was a beautiful sunny Winter Wednesday my pics may just fool you into thinking it was Summer..

Breakfast in the sun; an egg on toast with some spinach, tomato and mushroom on the side. I did the veggies in a pan with a touch of olive oil spray and some cracked black pepper. Check out how I made my egg in the microwave.. completely fuss free!

I had the day off work today, so spent it with my sister who has just returned from her travels. We decided to have a relaxing day at home, then took a nice brisk 3 km walk to get lunch.

Lunch was enjoyed at our favourite sushi joint, Tenka. I had my normal tuna and avocado roll (With ginger, wasabi and soy sauce on the side).

We picked up some delicious dried mango from the fruit shop to energise our walk back home. Can not get enough of this stuff! Would have preferred fresh, but at $5 a mango, I’ll settle for this!

Dinner was salmon, greek salad and roast veggies.  Standard, once-a-week fish dinner, and always a hit at my house!

Deliciously sweet oranges and bananas, peppermint tea and Olympics on the couch to finish off the evening..

Bliss 🙂

Have you been watching the Olympics?

Whats a once-a-week standard dinner @ your place?

Thanks Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting WIAW… Can’t wait to check out what everyone else has enjoy today!

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29 thoughts on “My kind of Summer

  1. My hubby and I were up late last night watching the Woman’s gymnastic and the swimming events. At least once a week, we are going to have huge salads for dinner – the protein might change from week to week – but the other components are standard.

  2. Great pics! Holy $5 a mango, that’s crazy.

    I love having oranges for dessert during the week, I think my grandma got me hooked on that.

    Fish tacos are a total staple each week!

  3. Of course I’ve been watching the Olympics! One of the guys who was my swim coach when I was little won a gold medal 😀 and the once-a-week (or more) staple for me is pasta 😀

  4. I definitely would’ve thought by the looks of your breakfast that it was summer (Oh & if my hubs cousins didn’t live in aus. too haha). Your whole day sounds like it was absolutely wonderful. Our once a week standard is usually pizza.

    Have a wonderful day girl!

  5. You totally reminded me that I should microwave my eggs more often! So quick and easy!
    Been loving the Olympics! Pretty much the only thing that has been on in my apartment since they started. I already know what happened in gymnastics, but still can’t wait to watch tonight!!!

  6. i LOVE breakfast outside. the veggies with breakfast sound great, too. i never really thought about pairing a regular side dish with breakfast, until i had it in mexico. that might have been one of the unhealthiest foodie trips ever, but the “petite grilled vegetables” with my breakfast were adorable.

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