Motivation, Food, Fitness and Olympics!

 Food Favourites

This week Josh and I made Mexican for dinner! Definitely the best meal I had all week…

Healthy Spin on Mexican Burritos


Chilli Con Carne (Josh’s recipe, thanks 🙂 )
-Mince meat
-Kidney Beans (tin)
-Diced tomatoes (tin)
-Diced onion
-Sachet of Chilli spice mix (In Mexican area of supermarket)
-Dash of salt and sugar (To balance out the tomatoes, so I am told)
-Olive oil

Burritos and filling (My department)
-Lettuce (nice long leaves, which can later be used to scoop the chili con carne!)
-Multigrain Tortillas (Check my post on Low GI carbohydrates, for some health info)


Chilli Con Carne
1. In a large saucepan brown the onion and mince in oil
2. Add tomatoes, chilli spice mix (mixed with a bit of hot water to dissolve), beans, sugar and salt.
3. Stir, cover and allow to simmer and reduce for about half an hour (we got impatient, but the longer the better)
4. Stir frequently and when you are happy with it take it off the heat!

Hands-on burrito making
1. Warm tortillas in the microwave according to pack instructions
2. Fill the the tortillas with plenty of the good stuff and ENJOY!

*Please note – When you are full, but still want a bit more to taste, use the lettuce leaf as the tortilla and fill with the toppings.. 🙂

Fitness favourites

Love this!  Perfect Friday motivation thanks to Lorna Jane.. motivated me all the way to a Body Attack class.

Fun favourites

Olympics are starting! I am so excited that Lauren Jackson will be the Aussie flag bearer.
Lauren’s motto is… ‘Dream, Believe, Create, Succeed’  and I LOVE this!I See the link for tips on setting your fitness goals.
Getty Images
What are your current fitness goals?
How are you working towards achieving them?

16 thoughts on “Motivation, Food, Fitness and Olympics!

  1. Those burritos look so good. I had them on a weekly meal a few weeks ago, but ended up switching them out for something else and have totally forgot about them. Thanks for reminding me :). My current fitness goal is to run a Marathon within the next 1/2 yr. I’ve been working on upping my strength training as well as miles. So far so good!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

      • Strength training really does. I have been slacking on the strength training lately, and must get back into it. Oh girl, your legs will do whatever you want them to do 🙂

  2. Since my husband went vegan, Mexian is my favourite cuisine. It’s delicious, healthy, and you can get lots of protein and fiber.
    I LOVED Lorna Jane when we were in Australia! I still can’t bring myself to throw out my pants or hoody from there from 8 years ago!
    My fitness goal is IM Canada; it’s in a month and I can’t wait!

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