Soul in a Box

It is always exciting arriving home to find an inviting package with my name on it at the front door :). Carman’s sent me an assortment of yummy things to ‘Try and Share’.

First up they sent their Honey and Roasted Nut Muesli Clusters… they are low GI, fruit free and full of healthy wholegrains. You know how much I love my muesli, so can’t wait to give this a try! I also see that as with many of their products, it is Kosher, Halal and 100% Australian made and owned.

They also sent their Honey and Roasted Nut Porridge Sachets. I have never really branched out of my plain, traditional oats so I’m excited to give these a go. They contain all the goodness that I would expect from my oats, check out the Health Benefits of Oats  if you need convincing 🙂 . The sachets are well portion controlled and perfect for me to slip into my bag for a 90 second breakfast on the go.

Next up, from my memory, is what Carman’s has always been famous for- their muesli bars! I can NOT wait to give some of these new flavours a try.

The flavours include:

-Darc Choc Blueberry & Almond Bar
-Classic Fruit Muesli Bar
-Yoghurt Apricot & Almond Bar
-Deluxe Gluten Free Muesli Bar
-Apricot & Almond Muesli Bar

What I love about them without even having tried most of the flavours is that I can read the ingredient list with ease.  There are no weird, scientific-sounding ingredients. Everything is natural, and a ‘delicious labour of love’.

So Carman’s, thankyou! I can not wait to munch right into these products to fuel my next workout, of course 🙂

What is your favourite pre-workout snack?? 

For some more great reading, check out Carman’s Nutritional Blog, written by their resident dietician Jemma. There is an interesting article on the link between stress and weight gain..

14 thoughts on “Soul in a Box

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  2. I’m known among my friends for having a large Snickers bar before a marathon. Talk about a sugar rush just when you need it! I once ran a marathon with two large Snicker bars instead of GU. It worked out pretty well and they taste better! Bananas are also a good pre-work out snack.

      • The Choc GU is good. The peanut butter is pretty good also. Tastes like the PB fudge my mother used to make. At first I thought PB GU would be gross, but love them now.
        And yes, I can eat about anything before a run. I hate to run hungry.

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