Natural Mood Enhancer

In my life, there is a high correlation between my mood and the amount of time I spend outdoors.

You can guess the direction… the more time I spend outdoors = better my mood 🙂

I think it is the combination between the fresh air, the sunlight and the beautiful trees and flowers..

My stroll fast paced, arm-strengthening walk today was all the better as I had Josh’s 4-legged bundles of joy, Zac and Bailey with me.

We walked to the dog park where I let them off their leashes to run around and explore.

They were pretty calm until they spotted the birds…

After a fun running sesh we headed back home where they crashed, and spent the rest of the afternoon fast asleep 🙂

So, if you feel like a nature mood enhancer, step outside and soak up the fresh air and don’t forget to look for the beauty in the little things…

What is something that never fails to enhance your mood?


16 thoughts on “Natural Mood Enhancer

  1. I am the same way–there’s something about being outdoors! I also find playing with my dogs is a mood enhancer–they are just so cute that they lift my mood instantly!

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