Pilates in the Sun

What a sunny Saturday we have had in Sydney today.. It is starting to feel like Summer is just around the corner 🙂

This morning my ‘private pilates instructor’ aka Liv,  invited me over for pilates and lunch. What do you think I said? YES! The studio was set up outside, under the trees and in the sun, with a good playlist guiding us through. We began with ab work, progressed into leg work and then arms and ended with some whole body stretching.

Here are some snaps of some of my favourite exercises with some helpful hints if you decide to try them out!

Criss cross – Lying in neutral table top position, hands under the head and elbows out to the side. Inhale to prepare, exhale to curl up.

Inhale to prepare, exhale to rotate opposite armpit to opposite thigh, while the other leg extends. Return and swap sides.

Side Plank – Supporting hand is inline with the shoulder. Legs and hips are stacked on top of eachother.Lift your pelvis away from the mat, with your body in a nice long line. Remeber to engage your core and allow your abs to support you from underneath.  Hold, embrace the intensity, smile and swap sides.

Lunges – The important part of ensuring a good lunch lunge is to make sure that when bent, both legs form nice right angles from the knee to the thigh. We did about 15 on each side.

After an awesome session; abs, arms and legs burning and shaking it was time for lunch!

Liv whipped us up orange and carrot juice whilst I got working on a tuna salad.

Nice. colourful, nutritious and satisfying!

With puppy eyes staring up at us..

What a beautiful afternoon.

Happy Saturday!

Have you ever tried pilates? What are your favourite moves?

14 thoughts on “Pilates in the Sun

  1. I was an avid pilates goer when I was in college. I liked just about everything except for any ab work with one of those large exercise balls—holding it between my feet/legs always reaked havoc on my hips! I haven’t been to a pilates class since college, I’ve turned more towards yoga. But I do miss it from time to time–I found that it was one of the best overall workout for my abs!

  2. What an awesome Saturday, and such a beautiful setting! I tried a few pilates classes at a gym I used to go to regularly. I envied the instructor so much, and she encouraged me to do one-arm push-ups…I did two!!! That was years ago when a gym was conveniently nearby, but who knows, maybe I can get close to what my fitness level used to be. 🙂

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