Weekend pleasures

Happy Sunday! I hope you have managed to enjoy the sunshine, like my pug friend who I fell in love with at the beach today.

Last night we tried out an African inspired restaurant we had never been to in Manly

We started with the ‘mazza platter’ of mixed marinated and gourmet vegetables, which came with delicious toasted bread on the side (didn’t photograph very well).

My plate of beetroot, capsicum, artichoke, eggplant (my favourite) and toast.

For mains, I got the ‘Fish Turbine Tajine’ which was blue eyed cod adorned in their famous spicy tomato charmoula and Maroccan spices.  It was so good!   Tajine, we found out is the name of the Moroccan pot the dish is cooked and served in.

Josh had the ‘Couscous Lamb Bidaobi’ – marinated lamb served on couscous with a combo of sweet chickpeas and vegetable broth. He very much enjoyed it. Both dishes were enjoyed with a glass of wine and a  side of ‘Harissa’ – hot chilli. Mmm

This morning we headed out for a beautiful 11.75 km run from Bondi Beach to Coogee.

We ran at a steady 6.25 pace. There were heaps of runners, walkers and joggers out and about and LOTS of very challenging hills and stairs. Perfect training run for City2Surf which is in 5 weeks.

I also tried out my heart rate monitor for the first time.  My average heart rate was 172 bpm and my max was 229 bpm. I have been doing alot of reading about heart rate stats and I am slowly getting my head around what it all means. I plan to do a post on HR this week, so stay posted.

After our run headed out for a bite to eat and did some Spanish practice in preparation for our South America trip which is 3 months away. It makes it all the more real when learning a new language is involved 😛 But more on that later..

Sydney siders… this week I will be doing some last minute organising for my girls run one Sunday this month. I am still in the process of organising a few different things so I shall fill you in soon!

For now, fill me in on your Sunday.

Have you managed to enjoy a Sunday workout or an enjoyable Sunday meal? xx

14 thoughts on “Weekend pleasures

  1. Jealous of your great run!
    I had to pull out of the City2Surf because of my injury 😦 i guess there’s always next year.
    5 weeks, the countdown is on, good luck with it all!
    I’d totally join the sunday running group if I could too 🙂

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  3. Looks like a great place to run and a great meal.

    The heart rate from your monitor seemed really high. The rule of thumb to calculate your max is 220-age. I realize that is not perfect as I’ve measured my max 15 BPM higher than that, but I’ve never heard of someone with a max of 229.

    • Hmm.. I am thinking an explanation could be that it was the first time I had ever used it and it was at its highest right at the start of my run and then got a bit more steady for the rest of of the run. I need to do some more investigation though cause it does seem pretty high, even though it was a tough run.

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