July Health and Fitness Goals

It still amazes me that we are already in July. Where and how has this year just flown by?  Here are my health and fitness goals for this month. (See my past post on tips for setting goals)

1) Stretch more.  Stretching improves flexibility and can help preventing injuries. I know this, but I still don’t take stretching as seriously as I should.

2) Drink more water.  Water is vital for all our bodily functions and I often forget how good I feel when I up my water intake.

3) Build a Veggie patch with my Dad and find a way to keep the birds away! We have both always enjoyed being in the garden and have had a few failed attempts at planting herbs and veggies. We have decided to do some research and this time do it properly! (Any hints will be gladly appreciated)

4) Try a new Group Fitness Class – Bikram Yoga, Zumba, Aqua aerobics… I am open to suggestions on this one!

5) Organise a girls group run and breaky one Sunday this month.  Sydney siders, stay tuned for details and let me know if you would be interested (I guarantee beautiful scenery and a good choice of cafe) 🙂

What are your health and fitness goals this month?

and (Sydney siders) Would you be interested in a Sunday girls run and breakfast?

Please leave me a comment with your goals and thoughts xxx

11 thoughts on “July Health and Fitness Goals

  1. A girls run and breakfast sound amazing! I wish I had more biking and running friends in my town. Great goals. I am a huge fan of yoga and would recommend that to anyone looking for a group class. I do a hot yoga class that is different every day but always incorporates meditation, strength, stretching, and core strength. It’s the best of ALL worlds!

  2. Green beans are always the easiest to start with, as are transplants from the local greenhouse. At least in my experience, you can’t really mess up beans! And transplants are started for you already, haha! When you’ve got garden questions come spring, hit me up. I’m def no expert, but love working in the yard 🙂

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