Things I am loving this Tuesday

Topped up on toiletries today.  I am a big fan of Cetaphil skin cleanser and moisturiser. So soft on the skin, reasonably priced and perfect for day and night use.

Paw Paw Ointment. If you haven’t tried this, quite simply you are missing out! Perfect solution to anything pretty much. Dry skin, lip balm, burns, bites…

Now this was a birthday gift –MOR Cucumber & Casaba handcream. It smells amazing and absorbs really well into the skin- it is perfect timing for a new handcream especially since this cold weather makes my hands horrible. (Thanks Ca and Jase!)

Tuesday night quality Kindle time!

Peppermint tea. I love a cup of pep tea after dinner. Perfect to settle the stomach and help the food digest nicely.

A hot bubble bath. With incense burning and magazines 🙂

And then my new, warm Ugg boots to climb into!
(Another lovely birthday pres, thanks B&C!)

After a relaxing evening it is time for bed.

What are your favourite things this Tuesday? 

Hasta Luego 🙂

3 thoughts on “Things I am loving this Tuesday

  1. Its awesome being reminded of cultural differences. Here in America, UGGS are seen as outdoor boots during the winter. But I know they are originally Australian and are supposed to be slippers. I guess the translation got lost somewhere over the Pacific, lol!

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