Bondi Farmers Markets picnic

What a gorgeous morning spent at Bondi Farmers Markets!
A few friends gathered here with picnic rugs to celebrate Loren’s birthday.

I always love walking around markets and checking out what the different vendors have on offer.

We bought some of the delicious bread. Freshly baked and full of all the good stuff

Pink Lady apples (my favourite) en-mass

Tomatoes, avocados, cheeses, peanut butter, jam…

I enjoyed a slice of bread with home-made jam and deliciously strong cheddar…

As well as a slice with peanut butter and jam (first time combo for me, yum!)
And a cappuccino

All had in good company, with relaxing background tunes

It was a great morning spent in the sun and a well organised picnic, thanks Girls!

Happy birthday Loz (and Jared for Wednesday)!

And congrats to the lucky girl out there..

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing with Liv @ my all-time favourite cafe ‘Gertrude and Alice’. Β It is slightly annoying to pay $4 for a cup of tea but I love that it is served in a china mug and in a pot… and nothing beats the atmosphere in this place.

On the topic of books, I just ordered ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ on my kindle.
After all this hype it is time to see what the fuss is about.

Hope you are having a chilled out Saturday wherever you are in the world!

I leave you with 2 questions today
1) Have you read any good books lately? and

2) Would you like to be proposed to in sky writing???

9 thoughts on “Bondi Farmers Markets picnic

  1. Those markets look fantastic – so much fresh food! Pink Lady apples are definitely my favourite too. I’m not sure about being proposed to with sky writing (!) but I’d definitely pay $4 for a cup of tea in that cafe. Books and tea are a match made in heaven I think.

    Also, I thought I’d mention that for some reason your posts aren’t showing up in Google Reader…which may be just me, but figured it was worth noting πŸ™‚

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