Running with new toys

Just headed out for my first run using my new Garmin Forerunner watch which I got for my birthday a couple of days ago.

It was a good run. A bit slower than usual, but I guess all the logistical stuff like stopping to take photos and check the watch is working does take a bit of time.

I stopped by to say hi to the neighbourhood horse.. He was quite friendly this time, usually he doesn’t give me much eye contact. Was glad to see he was well rugged up.

I threw in a few solid hills…

In preparation for the City2Surf (Check out my training plan), I need to make sure I include hills into my training as there is the infamous 400m ‘Heartbreak Hill’ which let’s just say is quite the challenge.

Running up hills are what really get my heart-rate up and remind me that I am running.. As I do tend to get a bit lost in thought and music.

I finished off my run with the reverse ‘Cliff’ route, which included another big hill at it’s backside. So by the end I was exhausted!
 After a quick stretch on my driveway, I raced upstairs to plug in my watch and check out my stats. It is so cool how it breaks it down into km splits, so you can see time and speed for each km. The 3rd km was significantly slower, because that was where I stopped to say hi to my horse friend 🙂

Avg Pace
Summary 38:18.6 6.12 6:15
1 5:24.3 1.00 5:24
2 5:49.0 1.00 5:49
3 8:12.1 1.00 8:12
4 5:47.9 1.00 5:48
5 5:50.6 1.00 5:51
6 6:25.3 1.00 6:25
7 :49.5 0.12 6:43

You can also see a whole lot of other cool things like a satellite picture of your route, elevation chart and pace chart. I am looking forward to trying out the heart rate monitor that came with the watch.. but i have never used one before so thought I would first read up about it.

Have you ever used a heart rate monitor?
Pros/cons/Interesting information?
Please share!

In general, don’t you reckon running with new toys is always exciting… check out Why I fell in love with running for some other motivators to get you moving and if you are still struggling to get your foot out the door read this!

Now I am off to run some last minute errands with my sister before she jets off to Europe this evening. Wishing Amy and Ari an amazing trip!!

Happy Friday!

19 thoughts on “Running with new toys

  1. I got a heart rate monitor for Christmas last year, and I usually wear it when I’m working out.
    Especially when I’m doing lots of cardio, like running and spinning, it’s really interesting to see how high my heart rate actually goes! then you’re able to see what percent of your max heart rate you’re getting to.
    I’ve found it really helpful while I’m crosstraining and recovering from my injury. Instead of running, I’ve ben cycling, and I can see the comparison between heart rates. Which are interestingly pretty much the same!

  2. I’m jealous, I’ll have to save up for a Garmin. At the moment I use my watch and manually map my routes out on I am a gadget freek as well!

  3. I have the Garmin 410 with heart rate monitor and I love it. I equate my heart rate to a car’s RPM. I have figured out what my heart rate should be at certain paces or exertion levels. On days that I’m not feeling “it” I often notice that my heart rate is higher than what I would expect. Sometimes it’s the weather, I’m still getting over what ever is bothering me at the time, or maybe I didn’t eat or hydrate properly. Sometimes I’m just baffled as to why I don’t feel “it” but my heart monitor usually shows that my heart is working harder which usually means something is off. I have cut runs short when I see this.

    It’s also a great way to judge your fitness level. If you make note of your heart rate during a run early in a training program when you are preparing for a race and compare it to your heart rate during a similar run near the end of your program you will probably see that your heart rate is lower.

    I love looking at numbers so all of this data has been great fun.

  4. I used to use a heart rate monitor when I started running, and at the gym too! People used to freak me out about whether I was over-exerting myself or being too lazy, so looking at heart rate (and keeping in my aerobic training zone for my age) was a great sanity check 🙂 I did seem to improve rapidly too. I don’t tend to use use it now that I’m a bit more comfortable with running, but I’m kinda curious again now… lol!

  5. Been reading your blog for a few weeks now – it’s inspired & motivated me to take up running again! Thanks!! 🙂

    I’ve been using an iPhone 4 with the Nike Running app, alongside MapMyRun and RunKeeper just to compare them all.. both other apps aren’t quite as streamlined as recently updated Nike Running app. I also use the Heart Monitor app after a run, but it’s not very accurate.

    • Thanks for your comment Sam. I am so glad you have gotten back into running!! I have heard that the new Nike Running app is good.. I used to use MapMyRun which seemed to do the job but didn’t break down each km.
      Keep me updated with your running progress.. and maybe enter yourself into a race. Great way to give your training a purpose and definitely helps with motivation!

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