Twilight walk gets the heart racing

After a lazy day of studying a twilight walk was the perfect way to wrap it up.

My sister and I headed out on one of our regular loops, which is affectionately known to us as ‘The Cliff Walk’.

The story goes like this.  About 7 years ago my animal-loving dad arrived home with an injured blue and white love bird. Whilst, on his walk he had spotted larger birds attacking this little helpless love bird.  He rescued it and brought it home in his jacket.  We put up posters up for a missing bird, but he was never claimed.

 Today, ‘Cliff’ is very much alive and well, happily chirping away! 

It is such a beautiful walk. The cliff itself,  is quite a climb and really gets the heart rate up!

Lesson of the day: When you are feeling cosy and rugged up, and have not moved from your seat all day – a sister like mine is what you need to motivate you to brave the cold and get outside!

Thanks Umz it was well worth it 🙂

What or who motivates you to get moving?
Please share your comments below and….

 …don’t forget to smile,  it’s Wednesday!
Happy hump day 🙂

14 thoughts on “Twilight walk gets the heart racing

  1. I do my best to take my dog for a walk every night. I’m sure it’s the best part of her day, so that motivates me to lace up my sneakers and take her out.

  2. Great story about the bird! You live in one of my favorite locations in the world–so many great places to run!

    As to motivation, I really don’t struggle too much with it. My struggle is finding all the time I need for training as I want to do it!

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