Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Dashing Diva’s for nominating me for ‘The Versatile Blogger’ Award!

Here are 5 random facts about me, one of the criteria I need to share in order to receive the award.

1. I have a large family and have been a Bridesmaid 5 times – I have 16 first cousins (including all their wonderful partners that takes us to 25!) I love each one of them dearly, and am blessed to share a special relationship with them all individually.

I wish I had a photo that included everyone! This is the closest I have.

2. I spent an awesome month of my life in the Amazon rainforest working on a sustainability project. There is no place more tranquil and more beautiful than the rainforest.  Working with the gorgeous animals, fellow volunteers and the wonderful Peruvian people made this experience unforgettable.

Morning monkey duty


3. I have Coffee Au Lait birthmarks (sounds delicious) on my neck, arm, tummy and back. It is something that I am learning to accept and I try to love about myself – We are all unique in our own way, right?

4. My favourite fruit is bananas. I love them in my oats, dipped in peanut butter, mixed with yoghurt, on their own, in a fruit salad, served with curry, sliced thinly in a chocolate crepe…

Banana makes every breakfast complete

5. I love to paint!

The beach is the perfect subject matter

Other bloggers I would like to nominate for this award:

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Well done and thank you!  You have all inspired me in some way.

To the readers out there…
Please comment bellow with a random fact about yourself.

Have an awesome day!


39 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Your photos are too cute and huge congratulations on your award! Not many people will ever get to do what you did at the Amazon. Amazing and you deserve to be recognised for it all.

  2. Whoa, you are a great painter. I freaking love that! I used to do so much art but kind of lost track of it when I got busier and in college. I hope to one time find my groove again. Thank you for the nomination! I will try and do it tonight!

  3. Wow! 1 month in the Amazon rainforest!! I bet that was an unforgettable and most aweome experience ever!! I bow to you for getting up so close to that tarantula!! Ahhh!! itch itch itch.
    And you’re an amazing painter!! Hope you post them more!!! I’d love to see them =),

  4. Wow- thank you so much for my nomination, Kelly! It’s very kind!
    Your paintings are gorgeous! They remind me of the colourful art I wanted to buy when I backpacked Australia! Where do you sell them?

  5. I am extremely jealous that you got to spend time in the Amazon. I bet that was probably one of the most amazing experiences ever. I love to travel and def want to go there sometime.

    Love the artwork too. I consider myself a bit of an artist. I wish I had the time to make a bunch of pieces to sell. I still owe my friends a couple of pieces lol school gets the best of me. I wish I could paint though I prefer drawing with charcoal and pastels.

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