Antioxidant Booster

Nothing like a good dose of mother nature to give your immune system a boost.

Berry, Spinach and Mandarin Smoothie

Ingredients (quantities as desired)
-Mixed berries (fresh or frozen)
-Mandarin or orange
-Fresh baby spinach leaves
-1/2 cup milk

-Add ingredients to blender and BLEND until desired consistency is reached.


So simple, quick and delicious


Whats your favourite smoothie combo?

Happy blending

12 thoughts on “Antioxidant Booster

  1. Yum… my fave is a simple strawberry banana with spinach and maybe a splash of OJ. I love when the bananas are frozen ahead of time, makes it so creamy.

    I haven’t made a smoothie in a while and I have no idea why since I just bought a new blender and it’s actually getting hot out! Gotta get on that!

  2. I haven’t tried this combination yet but my favorite is apple, over ripe banans and spinach… I usually have it for breakfast. I will try yours next time i buy oranges…

  3. Looks yum, I’ve never had a smoothie with spinach, will have to try. I love banana, strawberry, dates and milk/yogurt, its delish!

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