Food, Fun, Run, Friends

Sunday morning kicked off with a windy and cold run along Bondi beach promenade.

It started off quite pleasant, with the sun peaking through behind the clouds..


But minute by minute it got darker and darker


It was a great run, nonetheless and it felt good to be wearing a t-shirt in the middle of winter 🙂


**Tip for running in the wind: Always carry a tissue supply!

My favourite thing about running along Bondi Beach is observing the interesting going-ons around me. This dog was properly playing soccer!


Next on the agenda was breakfast with Liv.


 We both had the ‘breakfast brushcetta’

Toasted sourdough toast with ricotta, banana and strawberry; drizzled with honey and toasted almonds. Good food and even better company!

Josh and I then headed off to book our trip to South America! Yay! It is one of those things we have planned and spoken about for ages and finally it feels as though it is actually happening. Fire up Posh, you are stuck with me for 3 months 🙂

Time to get studying for my very last Psychology exam next week.

Enjoy your Monday wherever you are in the world!

9 thoughts on “Food, Fun, Run, Friends

  1. South America!!! Go further north and come visit!!!
    Loving this blog. I would also love to et that breakfast!

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