My Training Plan for Running a Race

Good Morning, friends!

Entering and running in races are a great way to up your training regime, set goals and test your determination and motivation.

For us Sydney siders, the Annual City2 Surf race is just around the corner (August 12th).  It is a beautiful 14km course from City CBD to Bondi Beach, and it is open to all who enter!

Start in the CBD
End at Bondi Beach

It is one of those races where people from all walks of life, with differing abilities (and even disabilities) join together to run and enjoy Sydney. It welcomes the most elite of athletes to walkers, joggers and mums with prams.   Last year my Dad and I ran it and we both loved it (this year we welcome Josh to our team 🙂 ).


So, if you live in Sydney or intend to holiday here in the coming months be sure to enter!

I thought today would be a good day to set some training goals for the race. Last year I completed the race in in 74 minutes. So this year I would love to see myself break  70 minutes (5 mins/km). This means I need to push myself and work on my speed.

My training regime is usually very flexible but I always try to include the same components:

1) Leisurely Runs – Usually about 30 minutes or 5/6 kms
2) Cross Training – Some sort of group fitness class; Body Attack, Step, Cycle or Dance
3) Long Run –  I try to  include 1 long run a week, and this is usually on a Sunday (I increase the distance as I approach the race, and then taper in the week leading up to the race).
4) Resistance Training – Either I do this in weight section at the gym or I take a Body Pump class.
5) Rest days– On these days I ideally like to focus on stretching, meditation and relaxation.

If you have trouble sticking to your exercise goals, check out this post on ‘How to make a date with exercise and stick with it’.

Well that’s all from me today.  Enjoy the sunshine and don’t forget to leave me a comment to let me know:

What race is happening in your city and how do you go about training?
Will you be joining me in running (or walking) the City2Surf?

Happy moving peeps!

** Please note I am not a personal trainer; this is my training regime based on my own experiences and training preferences.

16 thoughts on “My Training Plan for Running a Race

  1. Kel! I am loving your blog!! To be blatantly honest – i live such a different lifestyle to you (unhealthier if you will :)) but I am still enjoying every post! A few months ago there was a race in Johannesburg called Nike, Run The Night – 10km through town at night which I (against all odds) started training for, only to realise i hadn’t actually entered the race (if you knew me well this is a common loskop trait of mine). So I reached my all time record of a 3.5km long training run and haven’t put my running shoes on since! But you are really motivating me to start again – so let’s make a deal: next year or the year after we’ll run the Two Oceans Marathon together in Cape Town? 🙂

    • Hey Kel, Shez told me about your blog and I just checked in now to see what its all about. Very inspirational and exuding your unique vibrancy! I’ve entered the City2Surf with the Sydney Uni team this year. I won’t deny that I entered it two years ago and hardly trained and then decided that the early wake up on that misty Sunday was just asking to much.. so I skipped it- really want to avoid a repeat this year and run it and run it well! So I’m definitely going to stay in touch with you to keep motivated. And Shez a Two Oceans goal is a great idea (I’ve been making it a resolution almost every year for well.. years..) Lets do this girls!? xxx

    • SO nice to hear from you and glad i am motivating you in some way. I actually did the ‘Nike, Run The Night’ run here in Sydney. How funny you forgot to enter!! Two Oceans Marathon sounds amazing… definitely a goal to keep in mine. We will have to chat further 🙂

  2. kel, i love your blog. i really should try and exercise more, cant do the running , sore knees , age and al the rest, but walking is a good start. keep up the good motivational stuff. love bren

  3. Hi Kelly I have just registered on the city to surf after my first one 18 years ago and 3 kids later! My husband and I pushed the kids 2 times in jogging strollers. But….
    I will never forget the fun and exhilaration of my first run in c2s and want to relive it again. it is so amazing to be just one of 80,000 people having fun with their running…

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  5. i just stumbled upon your blog and it is a enjoyable read.. I just read a really inspiring book called Finding Ultra by Rich Roll….his story of how he went from an 40 year old overweight alcoholic into an elite ultra-ironman competitor. you should check i out

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