Delicious Thai Dinner Idea

Thailand is a feast for the senses! The beautiful beaches, the delicious cocktails, the wonderful people, the affordable massages and the clear, blue waters perfect for snorkelling, kayaking and swimming.

However, one of the highlights from my recent trip to Thailand was the Thai cooking class Josh and I took in Koh Samui.

What attracts me to the Thai cuisine is the abundance of vegetables and fresh herbs. My protein of choice (When it comes to Thai) is usually always Tofu.

When we arrived at our hotel outdoor dining area, a wonderful array of ingredients and a portable stove had been set up.


Some of the herbs, spices and ingredients

The Chef never spoke any English, so the receptionist translated for us 🙂


One of the delicious dishes we cooked, was the Gaeng Kiew Waan (Green Curry). We were told that it originated from Central Thailand and is loved by most people as it is not as hot as other Thai dishes. In other words if you can’t handle the heat – this dish is for you!

We happily chopped, diced and sliced out little hearts away


And we came out with a delicious dish- our teacher was proud of us 😉

We sat down and enjoyed the fruits of our labour

Tom Yum Soup and Green Curry (center)

So, I recommend you give it a try. It is creamy, tasty, full of veggies and you can add any protein that tickles your fancy.

Here is the recipe:

Gaeng Kiew Waan (Green Curry)


  • 100g meat / chicken / fish fillet / tofu
  • 50g green curry paste
  • 20g red chilli
  • 5g sweet basil
  • 10g fish sauce
  • 300g coconut milk
  • 50g eggplant
  • 50g beans
  • 10g sugar
  • ** add any other vegetables! Peppers, broccoli and carrot all work well


  • In a pot, put the green curry paste and a bit of coconut milk
  • Stir and blend for 2 minutes
  • Add the protein
  • Add more coconut milk and vegetables
  • Add sugar and fish sauce to taste


  • Be sure to taste along the way, and modify to suit your preferences
  • It is hard to reverse adding too much fish sauce, so don’t be too generous!
  • Check out your local Asian grocer for any ingredients you have trouble finding

Enjoy! And let me know how you go!

Now, I turn to you. What is your favourite cuisine to cook at home?

11 thoughts on “Delicious Thai Dinner Idea

  1. That’s so awesome that you went to Thailand! I used to love Thai curries, until I somehow developed an allergy to curry powder. 😛

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